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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Whoa... sucks to be a grad student.

Ran into one of the guys that works at the lab and got some crazy gossip. Also got invited to a party tonight, woo!

Anyway, check this out. So, the lab had two guys that were sort of leading the research, right. Well one of them is just up and left with no explanation and the other guy isn't talking about it. Not really a huge deal, the guy was a bit 'off' if you ask me. He was always getting into fights with the other guy about stuff and that just made everyone have twice the work to do.

Well, see, the guy that I ran into is working under the guy that left. This totally sucks for him because if this guy doesn't come back he'll have to reapply for some sort of assistant something other the other guy and he knows he won't get it. He's all freaked out about it. Imagine putting all sorts of years into stuff only to have it all taken away when your mentor leaves without even warning you!

And, this guy is totally super sweet and completely does not deserve to have this happen. He's all freaked out about it and is going to try to get into his mentor's office so he can find some sort of contact info. I hope he does because it would suck if he wasn't here next semester.