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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Color me confused

Work is strange. Don't get me wrong, the guys in the lab are amazingly cool. You know, for science geeks. I just don't know what they do and whenever I ask they just give me some run around and change the subject. Don't most science geeks like to show off their stuff... "oh, you see, we're taking the blahdittyblah of the whatzit and running that against the flibbity of the flab." You never understand what they're saying, but they sound smart and seem to get off on it. Not these guys. Nope. it's more "it's a bit hard to explain, you wouldn't really understand." or "the less you know, the better." The one guy even pulled out the "if we told ya, we'd have to kill ya" line which was met with this strange laughter that I almost believed.

So, now I'm on a mission to find out who's funding this stuff. That should tell me, right? It's gotta be public information somewhere, doesn't it?